Pixel Ballet

Jaime Hayon

The Valencia-based designer shares one thing in common with a number of other designers at the Bisazza Foundation – he infuses his creations with a captivating sense of fun. His Pixel Ballet, with its Pinocchio-like central figure, is no exception. When it was unveiled during the 2007 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Hayon himself described it as “a crazy installation.” His starting point was the desire to create “a huge toy in the design world.” A puppet, made from layers of high-density polyurethane and fibreglass clad with mosaics, sits in the middle of a room furnished with surreal objects.

“For me, ballet means diversity of movement,” says Hayon. “The elements that make up this large-scale installation are part of my personal cosmology, where intuition alters reality creating a scenario far from conventional: a butler presenting trays and a new typology of vases that emerges from the combination of ceramic and mosaic. The entire effect is that of an encounter with my world and my dreams.”