Marcel Wanders

After a long night, they were woken by a soft spring breeze, which carried the scent of freshly baked bread. As they opened their eyes, they found themselves in a field surrounded by colourful floral stones. Amazed by the beauty they wondered: ”Is this the place we went to sleep last night?” They were sure there was something special about this place...

Marcel Wanders

This collection, offered as a limited edition, is an imaginative group of low, brightly coloured mosaic coffee tables that radiate life and joy into any space.

Manufactured in several different finishes, with versions inspired by tones of Delft Blue, Blooming Red and Black, the coffee tables feature thousands of hand-crafted glass and gold mosaics, transforming a room into a mystical place of beauty.

Surprising in any environment, these unique pieces make guests feel as though they have stumbled into a secret field.

"Sometimes when I think of design and interiors, and I trash the ignorant, the unthoughtful, the lazy and the tired use of white walls and under-inspired minimalism, I hallucinate and dream of a world, a design, a philosophy that truly builds on love, that builds on creativity, that builds on fantasy, and when I fail to explain my pain and try to express the urgency of my vision, I will proclaim vigorously that every square centimetre deserves our love, that every square centimetre deserves our thought, that every square centimetre deserves our attention, that the divine is in understanding relationships,  that large and tiny are sisters that cannot be alive without each other’s love, and then... I think of Bisazza!!

Together, we make the world less boring."