Fashion photography 1948 – 1968

22 May 2021 18 July 2021

I was hardly aware of other photographers’ work until I went to Harper’s Bazaar when I learnt about Steichen, Hoyningen-Huene and Beaton.
But the women in their photographs were a rarefied few, an elitist handful.
My women behaved quite differently - they drove cars, went shopping, had children and kicked the dog. I wanted to capture that side of women.
I wanted them out in the fields jumping over the haycocks - I did not think they needed their knees bolted together.
There was always room in a magazine for the scent-laden, marble-floored studios with lilies falling out of great bowls of flowers. But there was also room for my sort of photography.

Norman Parkinson

The exhibition “Norman Parkinson, Fashion Photography 1948-1968” retraces 20 years of fashion photography through the gaze of Norman Parkinson along with four other internationally celebrated photographers: Milton H. Greene, Terence Donovan, Terry O'Neill and Jerry Schatzberg.

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