Book presentation: "I Luoghi del Design in Italia. Quattordici viaggi d’autore alle sorgenti del progetto" 

18 October 2023 18:30

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 at 6:30 pm the Bisazza Foundation hosts the presentation of the book "I Luoghi del Design in Italia. Quattordici viaggi d'autore alle sorgenti del progetto".

The authors, Antonella Galli and Pierluigi Masini, talk about their journey through Italy, in search of the places where Italian design was born. 

"From Milan, the undisputed capital of design, to the MAXXI in Rome, from the Sorrento Coast to Murano, from the Poltrona Frau Museum to the beautiful mosaics of the Fondazione Bisazza, the authors visited places, met people, explored archives, collected anecdotes and stories about companies."

Free entry with reservation, subject to availability